Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best Way To Make Cash Online For Free Today

Be glad you stumbled upon this blog Because Points2shop, the website I'm writing about is a good website that will actually let you make a decent amount of money the same day you sign up, without paying any money out of your pocket ever! I currently earn cash every single day and its all a 100% legal way of doing so online. If it wasn't legit an a paying website, I wouldn't even waste my time writing about them. I'm just a member as you would be after signing up with them... I have no affiliation with there company or organization I just log on there site and earn money like the other thousands of members they have. I'm just a happy member of Points2shop an thought I'd write a blog/review about them to show other people how good they really are.

Points2shop is called a GPT site which stands for get paid to. If you haven't heard about these kinds of sites there's usually many ways to earn cash like reading emails, which dont pay to much but they do pay, its really as simple as it sounds. Then there PTC in other words - paid per click - type of offers, which again they don't pay much. But its still something and its also as easy as it sounds. click and get paid a few cents and they will a around 5 to complete a day.

Then comes the harder stuff like the PTSU offers or - paid to sign up - offers. There not that hard to do but when you first look at them if your a newbie, then you might be wondering what you need to do at first. Most of the time there's instructions, an if you follow them correctly you should do just fine. I'll explain a little about  them anyway as some offers are different from others. If a offer says complete the path then you just keep hitting next on the pages till you hit the end an then you submit the offer for credit.

If a PTSU offer says to complete the second page then fill in the two pages and hit submit at Points2shop on the offer you clicked when your finished... You don't have to go any further then what the certain offer says to do on Its same for the first page, and email submits. its mainly just filling out basic information for those types of offers. So just remember to hit submit on the offer page on points2shop when you completed the task for the certain offer to get credit for it.
 Daily paid surveys are another option Points2shop has for its members to make money online for free. If you've completed paid surveys in the past on regular plain old survey site, its just like those. There will be like five daily surveys a day that you can complete everyday.

 Now referring, if your new to it an want to try it out or if you already now what referring is and you think got it mastered. You can earn up to $1.50 for United States members and United Kingdom members. You can also make money off of lots other countries but it wouldn't be as much cash as a United States or United Kingdom member. On top of that you'll also earn 15% of the money your referrals make when there on Points2shop earning! Referring is not the easiest unless you know what your doing, but by all means you shouldn't let that stop you. You can always learn how to get referrals by looking at forums and by finding referral guides online as I did. It's one of the best ways to earn money especially when you got your own site going or just find a honey hole for referrals.

The credits are how much cash or points you get for each offer on Points2shop and it'll show you how much cash/points a offer is worth before you click on a offer, Most offers are 100% free... There is trial offers which you don't have to complete to gain money on Points2shop, there's lots of free ways to make money. Like I said above most are free an they'll tell you if they cost money or not before you click on a offer. The free trial offers will require a credit card to complete but they will pay better then just the free regular offers will.

When you sign up you can go an edit your account to where you can earn cash or points from your offers, surveys, referrals and other tasks you complete. To to edit the account scroll over the account tab on the top right of your screen an click edit, then go to edit preferences. Once your in the edit preferences scroll down until you see privacy an it'll in be there just choose the cash or Points option and your all set. Some offers will only pay you in points though no matter what you put your setting on. So just just double check before you start a offer to make sure it pays money if that's what you want to get.

There's lots of ways to get your payment from Points2shop. You can get it through PayPal when you have $1.00 on your P2S account, $5.00 for checks, $1.00 for PayZa which was also known as AlertPay. Only $00.01 for Liberty Reserve, and same for E-Gold. These are just some of the reason that makes such a great website, the low payouts and you'll be paid within a few days of cashing out the money that you earned.

Now for the Points an what you can do with them. You can get many things with them like gift cards for retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, and even online stores like Amazon or Ebay. also has a app kind of thing built in on there site and you can order stuff from Amazon directly. You can use the Points to play over ten different games against other members on the site to earn even more points.

If you like you can donate points to well known charities like the ASPCA, Red Cross Disaster relief, Breast Cancer, Toys For Tots, and many more charities with the points. Help out children, animal clinics, shelters, etc.. Want other members to donate to charities you've made, or know of one you want to donate to that might not be on P2S? You can easily create a spot for your favorite charity or charities in the donation zone an members and yourself can donate points to it.

There's a chat box with admins "owners" of the website and moderators "helpers" of the site in the chat box almost 24 hours a day that are there to help with the offers and to answer your questions or concerns you might have about the Points2shop. Others members are also very nice and will probably help you to so don't be afraid of asking questions. There's also a support system called tickets that you can send directly to the admins or mods if your having trouble with anything to.